Got accepted!
October 23, 2011 :: 1 comment

Some posts ago I wrote about purchasing a uniform to volunteer in a hospital, so now the news — I’ve been accepted in Med Bay! *_*

Dr. Firebot told me I can take care of human beings coming to the infirmary, and sometimes of robots too, under his or Supervista’s supervision. :) I hope I could work with children, but it’s fine — I’m happy with this too.

Little Ratchet Allen told me I should file a request at the Genzano volunteering program for their city hospital, but I’m not sure… I think I may be just too young for that. I may still give it a try, and perhaps remind them once I turn 18. :) I really, really want to work with children — and yes, I still want to be a pediatrician – or at least a baby nursery sitter. ;) Hehe.

So, the shop we buy from is:

Cute, isn’t it? :3 Dr. Firebot was right: they have the best nursing clothes there.

October 12, 2011 :: 0 comment

Aww, Timothy! *__* He’s a true Robocitan, a true hero!

Dad talks a lot about him, and Selenia too (from her conversations with Megatron). They’re all so astounded by the strength this young robot is showing to help his fellow robot-workers and other robot kids in the area of Austin, US.

Timothy is (well, was!) a member of the and he works for carpet cleaning solutions austin. He’s a real hard worker, he’s doing overtimes at every job he finds to help finance his project and provide shelter to little ones in need. How sweet!!!

Rony and I can’t wait to meet him in person. :3 He must be such a great friend to hang out with, when not busy.

I’ll make sure to post a photo of Timothy as soon as we get one!!!

Lovely pink scrub :3
October 2, 2011 :: 0 comment

Such a lovely pink scrub!Rony told me dr. Firebot found a website where to purchase cheap scrubs, and I have to admit it — their scrubs are so cute! *_*

I’ve considered becoming a nurse, you know. :) A pediatrician, to be specific. I like working with children, even though I have little authority. It’s easier having children boss on me than the contrary. :P LOL. I have a lot of experience with my youngest siblings though, so that should be a plus. I can’t wait to be old enough to enroll to a nursing course!

Regarding my blog, I have some old posts to re-install here. Especially my 14th birthday and some love related ones. Bear with me and be patient. :P I’ve got so much to fix on this site!

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